L7 DEX is a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform for Crypto Staking and Trading

L7 DEX is a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform built on Web3 technology. It enhances user experience and minimizes transaction costs by leveraging an innovative “peer-to-peer” (PvP-AMM) protocol and trading assistance tools, fostering a highly efficient and equitable trading ecosystem.

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L7DEX Unleashes DeFi Potential with Data

Smart contracts serve as the foundational technology for decentralizatio. However, they come with inherent limitations. Currently, smart contracts have limited capacity for interaction with their environment. This constraint not only hinders the growth of decentralized applications (DApps) but also impacts the user experience.

To unlock more advanced capabilities and address these limitations, DeFi can make strategic changes at the protocol level. These changes should incorporate flexible designs to cater to users’ personalized requirements within the broader framework of common features. Additionally, DeFi protocols can introduce off-chain infrastructure, such as off-chain computation and storage, to create a smoother and more user-friendly experience. As long as this data can be verified, with critical components securely on-chain, it becomes possible to significantly enhance both user experience and product efficiency.

At its core, Web3 is an innovation built upon the foundations of Web2, and harnessing this potential is essential for industry development. Some DApps are beginning to draw inspiration from successful Web2 models, seeking innovation in DeFi through data and computation. In this article, we explore how L7DEX, a decentralized derivative platform, leverages data and computation to realize DeFi’s untapped potential.

L7DEX is a decentralized perpetual contract trading platform offering spot trading, perpetual trading, and liquidity + IEO. These products embody the core DeFi concepts: trading and leverage, generating huge valuable on-chain data. This data fulfills the blockchain ledger’s mission, ensuring the ownership of user assets. This also serves as a critical driver of DeFi innovation. In this article, we dissect how L7DEX leverages data and computation to achieve value innovation in DeFi and unlock its potential.

Personalized User Experience

Smart contracts, due to its inherent limitations, cannot deliver personalized user experiences. This lack of differentiation hinders DApps from acquiring users as precisely as traditional apps. However, DApps can adapt and offer personalized experiences by designing flexible protocols and interactions.

L7DEX introduces NFTs as a user rating system, factoring user risk into interest rates and collateral factors. This approach provides users with personalized experiences while effectively mitigating platform risk. Users holding higher-grade NFTs can access higher collateral interest rates and reduced trading fees, similar to traditional financial institutions offering preferential credit terms or higher interest rates to high-quality clients. Empowering users with choice and providing diverse incentive schemes for those choices are essential components of this approach.

Another innovative approach of L7DEX involves assessing a user’s wallet address’s historical interaction records as a means of credit rating. This system offers implicit incentives, allowing early and active users to gain different identities and receive varying rewards, such as points and platform token incentives, based on both on-chain and off-chain data records.

In Conclusion

The implementation and application of advanced computational capabilities and data-driven strategies have the potential to promote further innovation in the DeFi system. This approach can prevent the industry from stagnating and encourage effective innovation. Analyzing L7DEX, it is clear that data-driven strategies have immense potential for enhancing operability and improving user experiences. With the assistance of AI, these potentials may be further unleashed.

As the industry continues to evolve, DeFi protocols must make more user-friendly changes. They should prioritize transparency and trustlessness while considering user habits and experiences. Establishing a sustainable DeFi future driven by users, for users, could potentially transform the global financial landscape.

How to register with L7 DEX?

1. When registering L7 Dex, use Chrome browser and download the Metamask extension…it connects best with L7 and supports the needed Binance Smart Chain.

2. You will need to have USDT BEP20 in your wallet and some BNB to cover the transaction fees (0.05 BNB should be more than enough for this).

3. Click on the referral link you received to open it in your browser, or even better, copy the link and paste it directly into the browser of your wallet.

4. Connect your wallet to the website.

5. Click on “BIND” to connect with your sponsor.

6. Verify your sponsor’s ID and confirm the BIND.

To get started fill in the form below & please check your Spam folder (Tutorial Videos Inside)

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