ITP Corporation Artificial Intelligence Quantitative Daily Trading 

ITP Artificial Intelligence Quantitative Trading for daily profits

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INTRO: Artificial intelligence has progressed from the “reasoning period” logic reasoning to the “knowledge engineering” era, in which expert systems can learn. After the accumulation of data mining and big data, we have now entered the era of neural network deep learning. The technical conditions for quantitative investment based on AI deep learning technologies have matured. The vast volume of structured data in the financial market, the sophisticated network combination that outperforms the human brain, and artificial intelligence deep learning technologies are a match made in heaven.

Artificial Intelligence Quantitative Trading makes use of the deep learning method of artificial intelligence, which allows AI to use modern statistics and mathematics to generate millions of transaction data through self-play training from a large amount of historical data, and deep learning to provide and build investments with excess returns strategy. It can use cutting-edge machine learning technology to overcome investment managers’ limitations in terms of working hours, physical strength, and performance stability. Using blockchain increases the security and efficiency of AI quantitative trading. It is expected to completely replace manual trading in the near future, propelling it to the forefront of the digital finance era.

Note: ITP Corporation is a USA-based AI technology company that was founded in 2013. ITP Corporation has obtained the patent for “AI Cloud Computing Analysis” technology and is a global leader in image processing, facial recognition, autonomous driving, augmented reality, deep neural networks, and computer technology-driven deep learning AI robots. ITP Corporation has extensive technological experience in the fields of algorithms, data, and computing acceleration.

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