How To Get Started Staking Your Crypto With The Streakk Platform

The STREAKK Platform👏Staking Crypto Coins & Nodes  $$$..

If you’re holding Crypto…(Hodl Crypto)

There are several reasons on how and why you should consider using a self-custody wallet. Here are three:

Security: With a self-custody wallet, you are the only one with access to your private keys.

This means that you have full control over your coins and can keep them safe from potential hacks or thefts. Custodial wallets, on the other hand, rely on a third party to secure your coins, which can make them vulnerable to security breaches.

Privacy: Self-custody Streakk wallets offer a higher level of privacy since they do not require you to reveal your personal information or identity to anyone. This means that your transactions are more anonymous and cannot be traced back to you as easily as they can with custodial wallets.

Decentralization: Self-custody wallets are a key component of the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency. By using a self-custody wallet, you are helping to support the decentralization of the network by taking control of your own assets and not relying on a centralized third party Businesses.

How Streakk Platform Works 


Streakk is fully Decentralized and governed by the community
Decisions are taken by token holders for the growth of the project
Fully transparent: No individual or entity makes a decision.

My Overview Of The Streakk Platform

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