Earn 25% Passively Per Month in USDT with Crypto Program

Crypto Program Overview

Crypto Program is a group of people who specialize in applying an arbitrage strategy along dozens of different niches in the online world for over the past 20+ years.

When you purchase a package, we use the funds to buy goods & services at one price then offer them at another price. This is called online affiliate marketing sending paid and organic traffic to purchase services when the opportunity presents itself.

That has created a long-term sustainable program for people who purchase package where they earn a fixed 25% USDT on their crypto month after month.

Crypto Me Program affiliates invest in $550 packages, paid in either tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC).

This is done on the promise of 25% ROI, paid first after 32 days and then every 30 days.

Withdrawals, which include the initial $550 package investment amount, are only possible at the end of a ROI cycle.

The MLM side of CryptoProgram pays on recruitment of affiliate investors.

Crypto Program pays referral commissions down two levels of recruitment (unlevel).

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – $25 per $550 package invested in, thereafter $15 per 30 day ROI cycle
  • level 2 – $6.25 per $550 package invested in and each subsequent 30 day ROI cycle

Referral commissions are paid up until the last month funds are withdrawn by recruited affiliates. note referring other people is optional

Joining Crypto Program

Crypto Program membership is free, however participation in the attached MLM opportunity requires an active $550 package investment. But please note referring other people is optional

Crypto Me Program solicits investment in tether and USDT Coin (ERC20).

Sign Up And Take A Look CLICK HERE

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