Do you know why you should trust us and start staking with Streakk?

Streakk has a solid background, as it’s been spearheaded by a very reputed and seasoned entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience. 

The platform has established partnerships with over 40 top blockchain firms, including All nodes, Staking facilities,, blockscape, everstake, QuickNode, and more. 

STREAKK – Compensation Plan Tutorial

  • Grow your portfolio by receiving rewards every week
  • HODL crypto in your wallet and earn passively
  • No lock-up
  • Trust no one JUST YOU !
  • Free Sign up and Free exterior wallet

These partners and validators will help to grow the platform and ensure Streak attains its goals. 


  • Streakk is fully Decentralized and governed by the community
  • Decisions are taken by token holders for the growth of the project
  • Fully transparent: No individual or entity makes a decision
  • Free to join

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Matt Feast

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